Unique Perspectives Of An Old River

A good week is one when I have the opportunity to take a boat ride along Florida’s St. Johns River.  A really good week is when I get to do it twice.

There's breathtaking scenery all along the St. Johns River.

There’s breathtaking scenery all along the St. Johns River.

If you are coming to Daytona Beach for race weeks and the Daytona 500, and you are looking for a different type of distraction, you can’t go wrong with a riverboat tour with Blue Heron River Tours at Hontoon Landing in DeLand, or Captain Johnny Long’s Old Fashioned Airboat Rides in Christmas. Each provides diverse views of the river and two unique transportation methods for seeing the St. Johns.

Anhinga is one of the many bird species you'll see onroute.

Anhinga is one of the many bird species you’ll see onroute.

Take a leisurely ride along the river with Blue Heron River Tours. With Captain Gary as your guide, you’ll marvel at the dozens of trees, plants, birds, and other wildlife on route. The two hour ride through ‘Old Florida’ will show you the quiet side of the area, alligators notwithstanding. The information packed, two hour ride offers lots of stops on route. Bring a camera! The photos are breathtaking!

The imposing Cypress are a sight to see.

The imposing Cypress trees are a sight to behold.

You haven’t lived until you’ve been on an airboat and there’s no better place to do that than with Captain Johnny Long and his Old Fashioned Airboat Rides. This is located on the southern part of the St. Johns where the water is lower and the Cypress trees rule. You’ll feel more like you are in the Everglades. With an airboat, you glide on top of the water as opposed to in it, which allows you to venture into areas where other boats cannot. You’ll see lots of birds and gators, but it’s the towering Cypress that you’ll long remember. Airboats are noisy, so you’ll be provided with noise canceling headphones to keep the sound to a minimum.

You can’t go wrong with either option and if you are looking for something truly memorable, try the boat and the airboat!

Blue Heron River Tours at Hontoon LandingBlue Heron River Tours

2317 River Ridge Rd, DeLand, FL


Call for reservations or information 386.873.4843
Captain Johnny’s Old Fashioned Airboat ToursCaptain Johnny provides a unique perspective to the St. Johns River

St. Johns River, Christmas, FL


Call 407.568.4307 for reservations or information



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