There’s Sunshine in Port Canaveral!

Sailing away from Port Canaveral

Sailing away from Port Canaveral

Onboard the Carnival Sunshine – It was a little cloudy as we sailed away from Port Canaveral, but it didn’t matter: we had our Sunshine! The former Destiny had a $150 million facelift and the result is what’s now referred to as Carnival 2.0. Here are just a few of the changes you’ll find:

This is one classy ship. Public areas are more intimate and very, very nice with more traditional rich colors. You can relax and have a good time.

Dining: The ‘Anytime Dining’ experience is much improved. Food selections and taste have been drastically upgraded and the presentation is superb. And there are more specialty dining choices. Yes. It’s an add-on, but worth the extra dough if you are celebrating a special evening or just in the mood for something really different. The steak in Fahrenheit 555 is to die for!  Then there’s the buffet style experience on the Lido Deck. Choose from daily selections on the buffet or a sumptuous Guy’s Burger with fries the way they used to be made. There are more choices than ever before.

Entertainment: This isn’t your Father’s cruise ship. Heck, it isn’t even mine. Yes. Dancing and singing is still part of the mix, but it isn’t the entire recipe. There the George Lopez Comedy Club with revolving comics who are really funny. You’ll find ventriloquists, hypnotists and even some Cirque du Soleil style shows. It’s an ever changing venue and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the nightly shows. And there’s more entertainment around the ship: singers and pianists area scattered about in the various lounge. There’s always some form of entertainment going on somewhere.

More to come!

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