Live From Grand Cayman!

There's nothing like the Cayman Islands!

There’s nothing like the Cayman Islands!

Today the Caribbean Princess is in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, home to beautiful white sand beaches and some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling experiences. You can go to Hell – yes, it’s really here – or you can swim with stingrays. And if none of that is of interest, you can ponder which financial institution is caretaker to Mitt Romney’s offshore bank accounts.

We’ve been here a number of times, so we opted to take a walk through the bustling downtown and sample and buy the island’s famed Tortuga Rum Cake. After, we headed back to the ship because everyone knows that when in port, those left onboard have the entire vessel to themselves.

My purpose for taking this cruise was to relax and to have someone take care of all the little details in my life for five days. “Go ahead, pamper me” is my mantra. So far, that’s exactly what’s happened.

As I mentioned previously, the one constant on Princess is the above par service. They anticipate your every want and need, almost before you do.

Last night, the dress was formal as was the service. I ordered the filet mignon medium rare. As I cut it, I could see it was not medium rare, it was well done. I honestly wasn’t going to say anything because I had already eaten so much food that if I skipped over it, let’s just say I wouldn’t have starved to death. I no sooner made that cut and our server was there apologizing that my steak was not as I ordered. He whisked it away and within moments returned with a properly prepared steak. Now that’s great service!

One of the first things we do is search out a comfortable bar. The Caribbean Princess is brimming with them – all have comfortable seating and a Cheer’s like atmosphere. You never feel like a stranger.

I am a spoiled cruise enthusiast and as I’ve oft mentioned, I want and need a balcony. Our mini suite has a larger than average verandah and today, a panoramic view of the island.

You can guess where I’m spending the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. Monica says:

    Makes me want to swim out to it right now, lol!!!!

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