A Princess in the Caribbean

The Atrium Lobby on the Caribbean Princess

The Atrium Lobby on the Caribbean Princess

You are probably wondering how I ended up on a Princess Cruise at a time when I usually don’t cruise. I live in Florida and I generally don’t venture far during the hot summer months because I like to be close to home in the event of a hurricane.

But late one night I was clicking through channels looking for something interesting to watch and I came across an episode of The Love Boat. While it’s a little dated now, this is the show that made everyone want to give cruising a try. If you don’t already know this, the Pacific Princess, now retired, was the original Love Boat.

So I was watching Captain Stubing and I was yearning. Yes, yearning. I realized that I hadn’t been on a Princess cruise in nearly two decades and I had to do it again – now.

So here I am on a five night cruise stopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel on the aptly named Caribbean Princess. First impressions:  in as much as things have changed, the things that matter have stayed the same.

The high level of service on Princess has delightfully remained unchanged. From the attentive room stewards to the servers in the lounges, they cater to your every want and need. In the dining room, the wait staff is efficient without rushing you through each course. I am comforted knowing that when it comes to service, nothing has changed.

We selected anytime dining and were thrilled to be able to request and get a table for two, not only for dinner, but for breakfast as well.

On previous Princess Cruises, we were always the youngest people aboard. Let’s just say that on this cruise, we fit right in.  We are indeed, Traveling With Wrinkles.

Today we are spending a day at sea. The waters are calm and so are we as we relax on our balcony and are gently lulled to sleep. There’s nothing better than an afternoon nap when the ocean is your front yard.

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