And it begins

The Second celebration of our 40th anniversary is underway!  Part two will take us on what’s dubbed, “The Ultimate Scandinavian and Russian Cruise”, on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas. I hope you will follow along as we visit seven unique countries in this unusual Baltic Cruise.

Our journey began with an early bird flight from Orlando. We arrived via Jet Blue at JFK Airport in New York with a lot of time to spare before our evening flight on Air France to Copenhagen. After discovering that we could not check our bags at Air France until early afternoon, we were wavering on taking a side tour into the city. That’s when we found a baggage storage facility; something I thought had gone the way of the dodo bird with all the increased security after 9/11

Across from Grand Central Station, this is one of our favorite restaurants.

Across from Grand Central Station, this is one of our favorite restaurants.

We knew only had a few hours, so we headed to one of our favorite haunts,, The Pershing Square Café, located across the street from Grand Central Station. With no time for breakfast before we left, we decided a late breakfast in the City was the way to go.

Now if you are thinking this as one expensive breakfast, you are correct.

Here’s the breakdown:

A yummy breakfast at The Pershing Square Café.

A yummy breakfast at The Pershing Square Café.

Baggage Storage: $22.

From the Airport:  Air Train and the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station, round trip for two, $36. (It was a Sunday Special!)

Round trip taxi from Penn Station to Pershing Square, $20.

Breakfast for two with gratuity, $45.

Total: $123.

The pleasure it brought us: Priceless!

If you read my Facebook posts, you know that mechanical problems and flight delays kept us in an around the airports for 45 hours before reaching our destination. It wasn’t fun, but being stuck in Paris was an unexpected bonus.

At this writing, I am in Copenhagen and I’ll be writing more about this and the other destinations we visit in the coming days. But for now, I will leave you with this one more story from New York.

That Marshall still hangs on every word I say after 40 years still amazes me. But that’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

At JFK, we had to make our way between terminal five and terminal one. We got there partly by train and with lots of trips up and down steep escalators. Beyond reason he insisted on carrying both of what would be our checked bags; each weighing around 40 pounds, on the escalators. I don’t have a problem with my own bag, but I wanted to use the elevator because I see no reason to drag them up moving stairs.

This didn’t seem to be a problem for him as he easily maneuvered 80 pounds of bags up and down the narrow stairs. Now here’s where paying attention to me can get you in trouble.

I got behind him and was talking about something and as always, he had every bit of my attention. A passerby would have almost seen it coming. As we reached the top of the stairs he failed to move the bags and we toppled like dominos. He fell on top of his bag and I landed on mine, which was still jerking in place at the top of the stairs with me on top of it. That we didn’t get hurt was amazing. One of the airport workers came to assist and Marshall joked that we were the entertainment for the day.

I now insist that when we are on anything that’s moving, I should be ignored.

It’s safer that way!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Truly LOL re escalator! Fun breakfast story.

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