Architectural Delights, Hippies and Killer Dogs, Oh My!

Having a lazy day at sea onboard Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas. Hope you enjoy Copenhagen as much as we did! ______________________________________________________________

Copenhagen is a city of contrasts. From new world chic to old world charm, there’s

Nyhavn quickly became our favorite!

Nyhavn quickly became our favorite!

something here to please even the most jaded traveler.

We had one, full day to see all that the city had to offer, so we needed to make the most of our time. Going outside the city limits to Tivoli Gardens or Legoland was out of the question. It would simply take too much time.

The Copenhagen Card, gets you admission to many of the top attractions and a Metro Card

Boats linger in the canals in Nyhavn

Boats linger in the canals in Nyhavn

allows unlimited transport on the metro, trains and buses. Both can be purchased just about anywhere or online in advance of your visit. We did a little research before leaving home and made of list of things to see and do. With that in hand, we were on our way. We decided to explore Copenhagen the best way knew how: on foot.

Restaurants provide blankets for patrons who wish to dine outdoors.

Restaurants provide blankets for patrons who wish to dine outdoors.

Our first stop was at Nyhavn It was once a hangout for an unsavory group of sailors, but today it’s the stuff colorful postcards are made of, brimming with cookie cutter buildings of every hue. The area is teeming with al fresco restaurants or great for taking in a romantic cruise on the canal – weather permitting. Even though it was summer and a balmy 60 degrees, for us it was too cold to take a trip down the canal by boat or water taxi.

Children’s author Hans Christian Anderson once lived here and there’s a shop that bears his name today selling memorabilia from characters in his books.

Also in the area, Amalienborg Palace, where you can walk the grounds or opt for a tour. The National Museum of Art and National Gallery both offer free admittance.

Freetown Christiana is a throwback to the another time. It was started by a group of

At the entrance to Freetown Christiana - a throwback to the 1960's.

At the entrance to Freetown Christiana – a throwback to the 1960’s.

hippies in the 1970’s who still live there today. It’s a bit of a hike to get to it and when you find it, you’ll know. I got a photo of its colorful entrance, but once inside there are large signs warning you not to take photographs. The reason is that those who live there want to remain anonymous is because they are stoned. That’s right. Pot smoking is what they are protecting by asking you not to take photos.

Now I’m pretty good at breaking the rules and snapping off a couple of photos in places where I shouldn’t have gotten me in more than one pickle. But Freetown Christiana was the exception. You see, they had these dogs. Not just any dogs or of any particular breed. These beasts looked like they could safely guard the gates of hell and they were everywhere. I’m guessing if you take a photo, they eat you.

It’s a miracle the dogs don’t constantly  eat and sleep. You would expect them to be a little mellow with constant smell of marijuana permeating the air. We got a little buzz just walking around the place. Apparently nothing bothers these dogs  unless you take a picture.

If you are seeking upscale shopping, look no further than Stroget, a mile long shopping mecca brimming with upscale designer shops.

The Little Mermaid stands guard.

The Little Mermaid stands guard.

And of course, you don’t want to miss the city’s mascot, the statue of The Little Mermaid. Perched high on a rock overlooking the water, she is the enduring symbol of everlasting love.

Stands selling Danish Hotdogs are dotted all over the city.

Stands selling Danish Hotdogs are dotted all over the city.

Nordic cuisine includes lots of seafood and all you can heat herring buffets abound with the little fish cooked in any number of ways. But we kept seeing hotdog street vendors that were always packed with locals. Turns out, it’s a favorite here. The Danish version is a sausage in a bun, topped with mustard, ketchup, sweet pickles, and both raw and fried onions. We each ordered one with a bottle of water.

Be ready for sticker shock. Everything in Denmark is quite pricy. Our hotdogs and water were the equivalent of $20. Our hotel was one of the lowest priced I found –  $250 a night and we stayed at a Best Western. Average was around $600 a night. Ours included breakfast, something that might have set us back another $30 each.

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    Glad you got to see The Little Mermaid. I had thought it was in Tivoli Gardens for unknown reasons.

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