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The Glory, one of the many Fun Ships in the Carnival Fleet.

The Glory, one of the many Fun Ships in the Carnival Fleet.

I don’t have kids or grandchildren, but I can promise you this: the next time I am on a Carnival ship and Dr. Seuss Bookville is available, I will be right there with the five year olds having green eggs and ham for breakfast.

You see, I believe it’s there for me – for us. After all, my parents were big Dr. Seuss fans. They read every book to me, so I have very fond memories. While my all-time favorite Seuss is The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham is right up there.

Whether you are bringing the grandchildren, or just bringing yourself, the Dr. Seuss creations are guaranteed to make you smile. Iconic décor and funky furniture inspired by the book are everywhere. Kids and their families (or you!) can read the books or create Seuss inspired arts and crafts.

Take part in an interactive reading event, Seuss-a-Palooza Story Time, or follow the Seuss-a-Palooza Character Parade along the ships’ promenade.

Getting back to The Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, it’s an additional $5 per person and worth every cent. I mean, even the Cat in the Hat is there! Space is limited, so sign up when you book your Carnival cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line has always been family friendly and Dr. Seuss completes what is already a positive experience for kids of all ages.

Bookville will be on Carnival ships fleet wide by mid-2015.All things Seuss are celebrated as part of an exclusive agreement with Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

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