Flashback, Thailand

One stop on our 26th Anniversary was Bangkok, Thailand

One stop on our 26th Anniversary was Bangkok, Thailand

Counting the days till our 40th anniversary and in the meantime going through photos and memories of anniversaries past.

This week’s spotlight focuses on our 26th anniversary and one of three destinations we visited on that trip – one of my favorite haunts – Bangkok, Thailand.

Although the flight there was grueling – more than 30 hours in the air – it was well worth it. There are only two places in this world I would travel just for the food and Thailand is one of them.

We spent three nights at one of the world’s finest hotels, The Oriental, followed by a two night stay at another great hotel, the Shangri La. The highlight of our visit was meeting two members of the local tourism bureau for lunch at the Dustit Thani Hotel. What I thought might last an hour lasted nearly six. Our hosts insisted we sample a bit of everything and everything was scattered throughout five, large rooms which probably totaled more than 2,000 sf. It was amazing. To date, I’ve never found a Thai restaurant in this country that even comes close in comparison.

On the upcoming anniversary front, got a room at the Holiday Inn where we spent the night of our wedding. That’s not exactly right…that Holiday Inn is no more, but this one should fit the bill. They have agreed to take our 40 year old towels.

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