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As I am sure many of you did, I watched the recent events onboard the Carnival Triumph and I honestly couldn’t get enough of it. While I really felt for those onboard, there might be something inherently wrong with me that I looked forward to every update to watch the continuing human suffering. I am attributing my obsession to human nature; at least I hope that’s what it is. While the drama was unfolding, I put myself in the shoes of those onboard and had a number of discussions with friends about what we would do if we faced a similar situation.

It’s easy to be a back seat driver. I’ve been fortunate to never have to worry about having safe water to drink or enough food to eat. Only at Girl Scout camp many years ago have I had to sleep under the stars. At least I had the pleasure of doing so with a few close friends – not thousands of people that I would probably never speak with in a normal situation. I’ve been in third world countries where I’ve used restrooms that were downright spooky, but I’ve never had to do that on a continuing basis. Short of jumping overboard, those onboard the Triumph were held hostage to some extent. They weren’t going anywhere.

So what would I have done? Probably the same thing everyone else did. I would suck it up, right until I got very angry about the situation.

From what I know to date, this was not the fault of Carnival. The Coast Guard made the decision that evacuating the ship with more than 4,000 people onboard was too dangerous.  Did Carnival do everything it could under the circumstances? Probably.  It sounded like the staff and crew worked around the clock to try to alleviate some of the more horrific conditions.

What about the compensation package offered by Carnival. Was it fair? The Line offered each passenger $500, a complete refund on their cruise and a free future cruise. I would like to think that unless I was badly injured or treated poorly by Carnival, I would take the package. After all, things happen.

What would you do? What would you have done under the same circumstances? Would you litigate after the cruise? Demand more cash? Or would you take the refund, the money and the cruise and run?

I’d like to hear from you and I hope you will add your comments below.

(Only your first name will be used in the post, but I hope you will include all your information so that we can update you on future posts.)


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3 Responses to I want to hear from you!

  1. Monica says:

    After reading your article, I probably would cruise again, but I would “BYO-Pottie!”

    From what I gathered, prior to reading your blog , was that Carnival wasn’t offering much of a monetary compensation, and who in their right mind would want a free Carnival cruise after the “Cruise from hell”!!
    The media made carnival look bad; thanks for your blog and for
    clearing that up!

    I enjoyed reading your articles so far!

  2. Nieves says:

    Of course I would cruise again! You never know what you’re walking yourself into until things happen. Then, it’s just a matter of keeping your cool, suck it up and do what’s necessary to make the best out of a bad situation.

    Look at all the car accidents out there, or airplane crashes. Would we not drive, or take an airplane ride because something happened to someone we know? (Or it happened to us?) If that was the case, we would just wither at home for fear something out of the ordinary happened. Since this was a cruise ship with a few thousand people on board, it made the news big time. The media always sensationalize things, sometimes making much more of a situation than it could be for the sake of numbers, and keeping the public informed (or misinformed).

    Please, let’s not forget the staff and crew of the Triumph, they should be commended and not be forgotten. Even though they weren’t passengers, they endured the same conditions the passengers did AND on top of that they had to work and make the cruisers feel as comfortable as possible.

    I’m getting ready to take a cruise in a few days and when people tells me: “I hope it’s not on a Carnival ship…” I just say: “It actually is, and it will be FUN!”
    Are all cruises supposed to be like what happened on the Triumph? No. Of course not.
    Are all the other cruise lines exempt from what happened on the Triumph? No. It can happen to any cruise line. Including those, people think are ‘untouchable’.

    I think the compensation package from Carnival is fair. $500 cash, a complete refund of the cruise, and a free cruise? I definitely take it! That this wasn’t a good experience doesn’t mean the next one is going to be bad as well. Suing the company would be frivolous, not to mention ludicrous. Our society has become that way by thoughtless law suits.

    All in all, make the best of a cruise. On a regular basis, you’ll want to repeat again. If you have a bad experience, who’s there to say the next time won’t be the best time of your life? 🙂

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