In Search of a Good German Beer and Sausage

We’re still cruising on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas where the seas are calm and the weather is sunny and cool. While you are reading this, we are visiting Klapedia, Lithauania -the first time for us and for the ship. ____________________________________________________________

We’ve been to Germany a number of times, but this was our first time in Rostock, a coastal town the borders the Baltic Sea.

Here was our itinerary in Rostock: Get a beer that takes 20 minutes to pour and some sort of German sausage. Those who know me know that I don’t drink. In fact, I can’t stand the taste of most of it. However, I make an exception when I’m in England or Ireland, where I drink the local stout; and Germany, where I like a nice, hearty, dark beer. To tell you we looked forward to this would be an understatement.

We took a bus into tow arrived in what would best be described as a quaint little village.

The city from the top of St. Peter's Tower.

The city from the top of St. Peter’s Tower.

But our perceptions were quickly dampened after watching an oversized seagull take down a pigeon in flight,  break its neck and tear off its wings. Apparently, it was lunch time. I guess living near the coast I’ve been misinformed about seagulls. I thought they ate fish. I didn’t think they resorted to cannibalism.

But that’s how our visit began. We had a blast trying to find St. Peter’s Church where they

The quaint streets of Rostock.

The quaint streets of Rostock.

said if you go to the top of the tower, you can see the entire city. We finally found it about 3 hours into our walk, but not before the rainstorm hit. It was cold , wet and damp, so we hit the Visitors Center and bought an umbrella. (It’s a cute little souvenir that has photos of the town all over it! Picture to follow.)

St. Peter’s did not disappoint. The views of the city were breathtaking, but there was still a

St. Peter's tall tower

St. Peter’s tall tower

problem finding that beer and bratwurst. Every time we asked someone they scoffed and called it, street food. They were right. Both beer and bratwurst were sold on the streets, but you had to find a place to sit to eat and drink and everything was sopping wet. And you couldn’t buy beer and brats at the same place. You had to find two different vendors.

The place was lousy with wine bars and steak. I am guessing no self-respecting restaurant

Here's something you no longer find on streets in the states. I can get all the cigarettes I want, but no beer!

Here’s something you no longer find in the states. I can get all the cigarettes I want, but no beer!

serves weenies and beer. We walked over four hours and there was nary a beer and wurst to be found. In the end, we settled. Marshall had an anemic looking brew in a restaurant; I had a Cola Light. Then we headed back to the ship and each had a hotdog.

It seems Germany has gone upscale since we last visited. Fine wine and steak have taken the place of beer and sausage. I find it a little disappointing.

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