Look up!

A glowing example of Art Deco!

The Chrysler Building – A glowing example of Art Deco!

I love coming to the Big Apple. I try to get here every couple of years. Sometimes I visit landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or The Empire State Building; other times I see the best of Broadway, my personal best is four plays in four days.  On this short visit, I did neither.

We walked the better part of two days, but this time we really looked at our surroundings. What I discovered is that if you want a unique perspective of New York: Look up. The architecture here is breathtaking. My favorite is the Chrysler Building. I could stare at it for hours. But there are other non-descript structures whose names I don’t know with equally spectacular exteriors. I’m not a student of architecture. I simply appreciate the craftsmanship.

I include some interesting finds for your enjoyment.



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  1. Elaine says:

    Oh my! Great seeing New York City again. I used to be there once a week when I lived in New Jersey for business. It looks great and it actually looks CLEANER! Does it look cleaner everywhere you were overall, I wonder? This makes me want to visit again!

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