Lovin’ the Aft Cabin!

I mentioned I had two ‘firsts’ on this cruise: This is my first transatlantic crossing and the first time I’ve had an aft stateroom with a balcony.

The view from the back in Palma de MallorcaOn the latter, it didn’t take much to hook me. We purchased ours almost a year in advance and got the last of them. I’m so spoiled by having a verandah that I won’t sail any other way and having the opportunity to choose a different type of balcony intrigued me. With an aft stateroom, you see where you came from. This is especially important when you are leaving a port. You have this seemingly endless, panoramic view of what you left behind. Last night, we sailed through the Straits of Gibraltar and got a bird’s eye view of both sides of the Straits, including the big rock. All the “Aft People”, (Yes. We’ve formed our own cult!)  gather on the balconies to take photographs and to ooh and ahh at the passing scenery. It’s an opportunity missed by those with side view balconies.

Our cabin is dead center in the back. We thought there might be more movement back here and hoped that a center cabin might curb any side effects. To date, there is virtually no movement. In fact, despite the sighting of a few whitecaps, we’ve been as steady as we would on land.  

Should you opt for an aft stateroom with a verandah? Not every ship has them and if they do, there are usually there are fewer than 10. We were fortunate that the Carnival Sunshine did. The Sunshine also had the best priced such cabins of any line I checked. But they are cost prohibitive and we Wrinkled’s don’t have the expendable incomes we once had. If you can afford to do so, even once, it’s well worth the extra cash you will shell put. Remember, aft cabins are a limited commodity and sell out quickly. If you want one for next year, start looking now. Don’t expect to find a bargain. These will be snapped up quickly with or without you.

Meanwhile, I’m going back on mine to watch the world go by!

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