On The Road On the Anniversary

Rainbow over the Falls

Rainbow over the Falls

The ‘honeymoon’ portion of our 40th anniversary road trip has ended and left us with great memories of Niagara Falls. We spent just two days on the Canadian side of the Falls and I don’t think there is an angle that we didn’t see or photograph. We could never have imagined the shear beauty and power of cascading water.

We stayed at the Marriott Fallsview and the name says it all. A number of rooms have a view of the falls and ours was one of those. When we made the reservation, we emphasized that this was our anniversary and we wanted it to be special. They took very good care of us.  Not only did we have spectacular views of Horseshoe Falls, we had breathtaking views of the American Falls as well. To say we spent hours sitting by the window cozying up to the fireplace would be an understatement. We honestly didn’t want to leave. In fact, the only time we left was to walk in front of – and behind – the falls and to visit Niagara by the Lake, a small historic village just 15 minutes from the Falls.

In all the excitement of reliving our anniversary, I forgot to thank many of those who took part in our wedding 40 years ago. Several of those in our wedding party are deceased and others we’ve lost touch with over the years, but here are a few very special people who witnessed our marriage that day.

To Cheryl and Rena, two of my bridesmaids, thank you for being there. Your friendship has always meant a lot to me. To Chris, my ‘little’ brother, not so little now. You were my ring bearer and that you made it down the aisle at all as a scared four year old said a lot about your character. To Abbie, the other brother, thanks so much for agreeing to be an usher and friend for a groom you didn’t know. And finally to Monica, my sister, who as my maid of honor organized and orchestrated the entire bridal shower, and all the wedding extras including bridesmaid gowns, tuxes, the ceremony and reception, you are dearly loved. I could not have done it without you. I’ll never forget how you reassured me that everything would be okay when you and I were sitting at the house at 3:00 – the time the ceremony was supposed to begin – and no one showed to take us to the church. We walked to the church in the snow; me in my gown and you behind me holding my train and at 3:15 – fifteen minutes late, we walked down the aisle.

And to everyone who attended the ceremony and reception that day, thank you for being part of what’s turned out to be 40 years of wedded bliss.

On a less mushy note, here are a few photos from the Falls.


Niagara On the Lake

Niagara On the Lake


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    Thank you? That put tears in my eyes!

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