Architectural Delights, Hippies and Killer Dogs, Oh My!

Having a lazy day at sea onboard Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas. Hope you enjoy Copenhagen as much as we did! ______________________________________________________________ Copenhagen is a city of contrasts. From new world chic to old world charm, there’s something here to please even the most jaded traveler. We had one, full day to see all that the city had to offer, so we needed to make the most of our time. Going outside the city limits to Tivoli Gardens or Legoland was Read more [...]
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And it begins

The Second celebration of our 40th anniversary is underway!  Part two will take us on what’s dubbed, “The Ultimate Scandinavian and Russian Cruise”, on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas. I hope you will follow along as we visit seven unique countries in this unusual Baltic Cruise. Our journey began with an early bird flight from Orlando. We arrived via Jet Blue at JFK Airport in New York with a lot of time to spare before our evening flight on Air France to Copenhagen. After discovering Read more [...]
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The Countdown Begins!

This will likely be my final update before we leave so savor it. I'll spend these last few days going through everything in chronological order to ensure I've crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's. At this very moment, I have a pile of paper about a half inch high with our itinerary and reservations, all in order. On top of that are our passports and our euros. We've both started packing; I'm a  little further along. We invested in the newer, lightweight luggage for this trip -  our Read more [...]
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The Road To Copenhagen

The mad rush hasn't quite begun and at this point in time I'm double checking to ensure I have everything in place for our upcoming trip, appropriately dubbed, The Ultimate  Scandinavian and Russian Cruise, which begins in Copenhagen, Denmark when we board Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas. We will use a number of different currency's. Denmark, Sweden and Russia each has their own currency. Russia will take Euros, but only if they are crisp and new, whatever that means. The other two Read more [...]
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Honeymoon Redux

If you are one of our faithful readers, you know that we recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with a road trip back to the scene of the crime and a two night honeymoon that we missed the first time around in Niagara Falls, Canada. Now we’re gearing up to give ourselves the ultimate 40th anniversary honeymoon on the Ultimate Scandinavia and Russia Cruise and we’re doing it in style. We leave on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade June 17th for an 11 night cruise that will take us to Denmark, Read more [...]
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Wrapping It Up

The Great 40th Anniversary Road trip has come to an end. Despite planning much of it in advance - and leaving a lot to chance - the end result was better  than anything we might have imagined. Let's start with the weather. We were visiting the Northeast  and Canada in April, so we prepared for the worst. After all, it snowed on our wedding day and let's face it, if the Weather Channel is to be believed, the bad weather seemed to be a continuing saga there. Instead we brought a touch of Read more [...]
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On The Road On the Anniversary

The 'honeymoon' portion of our 40th anniversary road trip has ended and left us with great memories of Niagara Falls. We spent just two days on the Canadian side of the Falls and I don't think there is an angle that we didn't see or photograph. We could never have imagined the shear beauty and power of cascading water. We stayed at the Marriott Fallsview and the name says it all. A number of rooms have a view of the falls and ours was one of those. When we made the reservation, we emphasized Read more [...]
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The Tale Of The Towels Is Over

We begin our day watching the strength of the rapids and waterfall at Ohiopyle State Park. It was a picture perfect setting, topped only by our subsequent visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. Then we headed to Holiday Inn Express in Belle Vernon. If you've been following the saga of the stolen towels, you know the Holiday Inn where we spent our wedding night closed a few years back leaving us no where to return the monogrammed towels I absconded with 40 years ago. Lucky me! Ann Malys Read more [...]
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The Great 40th Anniversary Roadtrip, Day II

MeanToday's adventure leading up to our anniversary took us to Gettysburg. I lived in Pennsylvania until I was 20 and never made it there. Marshall always wanted to go, so it was a date! We had not made advance reservations and when we tried to book tours online last night, it wasn't looking good. Depending on the tour company, most wanted bookings at least  24 to 48 hours advance. That was a problem: we only had the one day. So at 8:00 a.m., we were waiting in front of the Gettysburg Tours, Read more [...]
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The Great Anniversary Road Trip

Today was the first official day of our road trip and what a day it was! On the agenda was a drive through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. But a funny thing happened on the way there - fog. There was almost zero visibility as we all but felt our way to the visitors center.  I mentioned that I was a more than a little disappointed that I was probably going to see nothing of what was supposed to be one of the Nation's most beautiful parks. "Not to worry", he said. "Things can change within Read more [...]
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