Tales of the Towels

So many of you have asked if the towel story is true. It is indeed. I'm not proud that I took them, but I am hoping to feel some sort of redemption by bringing them back. Today is packing day. Not fond of it, but it's part of the journey. The weather in the direction we are going has been very inconsistent, so we are preparing for anything and bringing everything from shorts to heavy winter coats. Thank goodness we're driving! Heading  out Wednesday morning and will update as we Read more [...]
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Going, Going – Almost Gone!

Almost set to head out on our 40th anniversary road trip.  We are leaving on the 8th and spending the night in Richmond, Va. The following day, we are touring Shenandoah National Park on route to Gettysburg where we'll spend the night of the 9th. We'll check out Gettysburg National Park on the 10th and stay in Uniontown, PA that evening. The following morning, the plan is to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's, Falling Water and take a ride through Ohio Pyle State Park. On the 11th, we check into Read more [...]
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How About A Year Long Celebration?

While we've just about finished the  details for  our upcoming 40th anniversary trip, we've decided that two week long celebration just isn't enough. With that, we booked an 11 day Baltic Cruise with Royal Caribbean. It's a bucket list thing and the icing on the continuing honeymoon cake. But for now, we're looking back at some memorable travel moments, this time on Seabourn Cruise Line. I honestly don't remember what year this was, but the journey from Montreal to Boston was a wonderful Read more [...]
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Flashback, Thailand

Counting the days till our 40th anniversary and in the meantime going through photos and memories of anniversaries past. This week's spotlight focuses on our 26th anniversary and one of three destinations we visited on that trip - one of my favorite haunts - Bangkok, Thailand. Although the flight there was grueling - more than 30 hours in the air - it was well worth it. There are only two places in this world I would travel just for the food and Thailand is one of them. We spent three Read more [...]
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Anniversary Flashback and Update

Leading up to the big 4-0, I thought I would entertain you with photos from anniversaries past. Not sure of which anniversary this is, but it ended with a stay at the Mandarin Oriental in one of our favorite haunts, San Francisco. The memory: The hotel and our room on the 46th floor was fabulous.  Loved the view so much we decided to open the window. Yup. A mini tornado in our room. An anniversary update: Two nights at the Marriott on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls with a room overlooking Read more [...]
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Back To The Future

We're getting ready to travel back in time, wrinkles and all. On April 12, Marshall and I will be celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss. This is a milestone anniversary and for a number of reasons, one we thought would never happen. More on that in a minute. We wanted to celebrate with a memorable vacation so we tossed around some great possibilities: a Baltic Cruise; A week in Paris, maybe even a visit to the Great Wall We’re not doing any of these. Instead we are going back to Read more [...]
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A Special Dish For Your Special Valentine!

Our friends at Viking River Cruises haven't let us down. Once again, they are sharing one of their favorite onboard recipes. This time, it's Crème Brulee, Portuguese style! Thank you Viking River Cruises! Portuguese Crème Brulee Ingredients 6 egg yolks 3 T corn flour 4 T white sugar 4 C (1 liter) whole milk Fresh lemon peel 2 cinnamon sticks Ground cinnamon Turbinado, demerara, muscovado or pure granulated cane sugar for the burnt sugar caramel Garnish Fresh seasonal berries Directions Pour Read more [...]
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…And We’re Back!

First, thank you to all those who have asked when Traveling With Wrinkles would return. Despite many distractions and set backs over the past 10 months, I'm hoping to provide a continuing stream of information in 2015. Thank you for your concern and patience. Now back to the business of Travel! CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES, VIKING STYLE! If you've always wanted to take a cruise on one of the world's most luxury line, check with Viking River Cruises. They are offering lots of two for one specials Read more [...]
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It’s moving time!

I know I haven’t been posting much of late and there probably won’t be new posts through January 1. That’s because we are moving. I never thought hoarding stuff for the past 40 years would come back to haunt me.

We are moving from a house to a condo and trying to ready both all while getting ready for a big estate sale.

I promise to be back in January with some really great posts that I just haven’t had time to finish.

Wish me luck!

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Uno Pizzeria and the Siblings – It’s a Beautiful Thing!

Sibling reunion was a raging success this year, much of it because of Uno’s deep dish pizza. That’s right. Who knew that pizza could be delicious as well as a great ‘bonding’ agent? For those of you who don’t know what Sibling Weekend is, here’s a brief summary: Following the death of our parents, my brothers and sister and I became what we jokingly refer to as, ‘the world’s oldest orphans. As children, we played together at our parent’s insistence. As teens, we could Read more [...]
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