Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This is truly an innovative step for a cruise line. I’m talking about Carnival’s new guest satisfaction program, The Great Vacation Guarantee.  It says if you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 24 hours of sailing, you get a 110 percent refund, a$100 voucher to use on a future cruise and a complementary flight home.

It’s a bold move on Carnival’s part and while I get that they want customers to be happy, there is a certain group of people – you know who you are – who will think of this as a travel perk.

Now I’m a fairly easy guest. A cruise line would have to do a lot to make me dislike my voyage enough to request a refund and head home. A week on the Triumph would have done it, but anything less than that would be me being angry and bitter and it would ruin my vacation. But that’s me. There are people-albeit a small number of them – for whom nothing ever goes right. I know you’ve met them. In fact, you may be them. They continually think they have been ripped off no matter what price they paid, and they want to be ahead of the game.

Let’s say a couple from Miami makes reservations for a three night Carnival Cruise. They spend 24 hours dining, drinking and partying up a storm, only to turn around and have the line issue a full refund and fly them back to Miami.  To their delight, they can’t be flown back until they get to the Bahamas, so they actually remain onboard for a good part of the cruise. Not too shabby.

For the rest of us low maintenance folks who enjoy cruising without the drama, they have some terrific prices starting at just $35 a night. So if you haven’t cruised Carnival or haven’t cruised in a while, this is a good time to start. It doesn’t get any better than this

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  1. Donna says:

    My husband and I have gone on several Carnival Cruises and have another one scheduled for December of this year with friends. We have always loved the Cruises we’ve been on and looking forward to this one! We will definitely check out the “Cruising with Wrinkles” for our next trip. We will try to get as many friends and family as possible to go with us because we love to party!

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