The Countdown Begins!

This will likely be my final update before we leave so savor it. I’ll spend these last few days going through everything in chronological order to ensure I’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. At this very moment, I have a pile of paper about a half inch high with our itinerary and reservations, all in order. On top of that are our passports and our euros.

We’ve both started packing; I’m a  little further along. We invested in the newer, lightweight luggage for this trip –  our bags only weigh six pounds – because we know we were going to have to carry them when we board the trains in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We each have one large suitcase and a separate bag for laptops and electronic devices.

We’ve learned to pack light and already have plans to do laundry about three days  into our cruise. The only question mark is on the weather. Daily checks are showing it’s now around 65 degrees in the daytime, but in the low 40’s at night. That might mean bringing light jackets along because I am not about to waste lounging on the balcony at night.

I’m still questioning the decision to do two, back to back grueling 12 tours in St. Petersburg. This will likely be our only visit there and we want to see as much as possible. Still, it makes for very long days.

We will have lunch in St. Petersburg and I have a feeling whatever we eat will have beets in it. It seems to be Russia’s national food. I hate beets. I will starve to death before I eat them, which, being on a cruise and all, probably would do me more good than harm!

St. Petersburg is the only port where we’ve reserved tours. Everywhere else was researched relentlessly and we plan to go it alone. In St. Petersburg, you need a hard-to-get visa to be able to get off the ship, or you can take ship’s tours. In our case, Royal Caribbean will provide the visa. Tours there were terribly expensive – ours were  a whopping $950!

And on that happy note, I hope you will follow our travels for the next few weeks. I promise to inundate you with some incredible photos of our journey!


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  1. Monica says:

    I feel the beat!!

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