“This Year I Resolve….”

We’re into a new year and it’s time to make those resolutions. Here are two of mine:

  1. To travel more in 2014
  2. To lose weight
Yummy desserts taste great, but are the death knell of any diet.

Yummy desserts taste great, but are the death knell of any diet.

Now that’s a tough combo because let’s face it: the more we travel; the more calories we consume. That’s because it is difficult to watch what you eat, regardless of whether you have unlimited choices – for example on a cruise ship – or limited options – think road trip where the only choice is the single restaurant in a small town offering gravy laden food.

Too many choices or too few – what’s a traveler to do?  Unless you are very careful, you will pack on the pounds in no time. And it’s not like you are 20 where your metabolism is raging and you burn everything you eat.

You need to establish limits and you need to enforce those boundaries. Now this assumes you have no physical or dietary limitations. If you do, speak with your physician before you go and ask for a plan to assist your efforts.

If you are cruising, use the fitness center. If you get there in late morning, it tends to be less crowded. Hop on a treadmill, even it’s only for ten minutes. If you are in port, take a long walk around town. You’ll get to know the area and get a little exercise at the same time.

Next, strictly limit yourself to three meals a day. That means no snacking between meals. Load your plate with lots of fruits and veggies and an entrée that’s completely decadent. You can’t give up everything so don’t even attempt it. However, you can make wiser choices.

If you are on a road trip, bring along some carrots, celery sticks and apples. Eat the boring foods on route. You’ll be less hungry when you get to your destination and if you find yourself in a situation where comfort or fast food is your only option, you will eat less, thereby salvaging your diet.

Cut back on the amount of alcohol and sugary soft drinks you consume. Each can contain 300 or more calories which will pack on the pounds faster than the gooey dessert you passed on.

If you are in a small town, try to take a short walk after eating. There’s no better way to see an area and a little exercise goes a long way in keeping your weight in check.


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