Too Many Places to Dine; Too Little Time

CGWineDisplay CGRoom CGLemon CGLobsterCake CGSteakDisplayLet’s face it: For most of us the best part of cruising is the dining experience and while everyone gets to eat in the main dining room, for me there’s nothing better than sampling additional onboard options.

So many times I’ve been asked why I would pay extra for dining since it’s included in the price paid when I booked the cruise. For any occasion, specialty dining offers a more intimate experience and diverse menus with offerings usually not found in the main dining areas.

The Caribbean Princess has several options worthy of an extra fee. Due to time constraints – I was only onboard for five nights – I was only able to sample one optional restaurant, The Crown Grill.

The Crown Grill is a meat lover’s dream, which is not to say that it won’t satisfy any craving for seafood as well. I opted for the Kansas City Steak as a main course which was cooked to perfection. With appetizers, soup, salad and accompaniments like mashed or baked potatoes, creamed spinach or asparagus, and mounds of sautéed mushrooms piled high atop the steak, if you don’t pace properly, you’ll end up having to forego the dessert and I wasn’t about to leave the lemon merengue pie behind.

Service was attentive and everything was delicious. My only regret is that I was unable to sample Sabatini’s, a hotspot known for its fabulous Italian food and the newest option, the Ultimate Balcony Experience.

You can check to see if you balcony qualifies and if it does, be prepared to dish out $35 for a champagne breakfast for two or $125 for dinner for two. For this option, you have a serving staff dedicated to you. Dinner includes entrees like lobster or steak Diane, cocktails, canapés, fresh flowers, an 8×10 photo to remember the experience and for couples, a full bottle of champagne. There are only a few spots available on each cruise, so make your reservation early.

The Crown Grill and Sabatini’s are an additional $25 per person. My cruise experience always includes at least one of the optional restaurants.

If you’ve never done it, give it a try on your next cruise. You won’t regret it.

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