Welcome to Lithuania!

Today the Serenade of the Seas has whisked us off to the medieval town of Visby, Sweden. Located on a tiny island just off the coast, this is a UNESCO Heritage site and we’re really excited about seeing the walls and the ruins, some dating back to the 12th century. In the meantime, enjoy our visit to Klapeda, Lithuania.


A welcome sight!

A welcome sight!y

They don’t get cruise ships here often, if at all. I know that stopping in Klapeda, Lithuania was a first for Royal Caribbean. All day long townspeople gathered at the port, many with children in tow. They all came to see the big ship docked at the port.

We walked the cobblestone streets all through the area and into the old town where we found a market, which I am guessing was geared for tourists, smack in the center of town. They sold everything from amber to hand knitted slippers and legwarmers. These were not flea market items. Men were carving figures and women were crocheting their wares.

I did a little homework before I left home and found that this is the least expensive place to

We saw a similar one in a FInnish Jewelry Shop for a whopping $440USD!

We saw a similar one in a FInnish Jewelry Shop for a whopping $440USD!

buy amber in the region. The stuff washes up on their shores by the thousands which serves two purposes for the traveler: Prices are lower and you have a better than average chance of getting the real thing instead of paying a high price for glass.

I priced several in Copenhagen and onboard, so I knew a deal when I saw one. At 45 Euros my amber necklace was a steal. Yes. Unlike the stores, individuals will bargain with you.

Yummy goodness that could only be found here!

Yummy goodness that could only be found here!

We stopped by a restaurant across the street to sample the native fare and to get what we couldn’t find in Germany – a beer. It was Marshall’s birthday and he deserved a good, local brew and that’s exactly what he got. Svyturys is the local favorite and was continually recommended in my pre cruise research  It did not disappoint. In fact – and this is from a beer drinker – Marshall said it was the best he ever had. The price was very good as well – about a $1.18 USD for a liter. The potato pancakes is a local favorite was well and we sampled a serving. Ours came with an optional topping of sour cream and bacon bits, which we decided to forego. They were delicious without it.

After that, we roamed the streets and ran across a gem – a Saturday market, this one was for the locals. There were all sorts of fruits, vegetables, flowers and even household goods and clothing in the mix.

Great food, good beer and friendly people. You can’t ask for anything else!

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