You Go Carnival!

I am booked on a Carnival Sunshine transatlantic cruise in November. Despite everything that’s happened in recent months, I never had any intention of canceling my trip. In fact, with everything the line is doing and has done, I know I will feel more secure than ever before.

The Glory, one of the many Fun Ships in the Carnival Fleet.

The Glory, one of the many
Fun Ships in the Carnival Fleet.

Carnival Cruise Line has announced a $300 million fleetwide upgrade. It will enhance emergency power capabilities and introduce new fire safety technology, as well as improve the level of operating redundancies. With failings on more than one vessel, Carnival has been doing business under a microscope.  In this latest investment, Carnival has shown that they will go above and beyond anything that is required by law to protect their customers.

Everyone knows the problems Carnival has had of late and while they took immediate steps to ensure there wasn’t a repeat of the nightmare that was the Triumph, this latest move should reassure those who have been reluctant to sail that Carnival’s ships are safe. What does this mean for you? For certain, more reliability and peace of mind.

Cruise ships are safe. What was most bothersome to me was the reaction by some that Carnival intentionally sailed unsafe vessels, putting passenger lives at risk. Trust me on this: If Carnival had its way, none of this would have happened. The public relations nightmare that followed and the reimbursement of passengers and their immediate needs to the tune of millions of dollars, is not something  any cruise line wants to deal with. It was neither intentional nor irresponsible. Ships are under constant scrutiny by government inspectors. If you have ever taken a behind the scenes tour of kitchens and other areas, you would be nothing short of amazed. To say that you could eat off their floors is an understatement and in comparison to my own kitchen, let’s just say it makes mine look like a sty.  That’s because cruise ships are held to a higher standard than any land based restaurant or entertainment venue.

Kudos to Carnival for taking a proactive approach and doing their best to deal with the most adverse of situations.  See you in November!

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One Response to You Go Carnival!

  1. Nieves says:

    I have to agree with you on this Deb. My husband and I were on a cruise recently on the Carnival Legend. It was the cruise right after the Legend returned back to Tampa slowed down due to a propulsion problem. The company emailed us right away, letting us know of the issue. They reassured us our cruise was going to happen, although there was going to be a slight change, instead of going to the Cayman Islands, they were now going to make a stop in Costa Maya. To tell you the truth, that worked out fabulously for us. We enjoyed Costa Maya immensely. If we had stopped at Cayman, we already had decided to stay on the boat and enjoy the amenities instead! 🙂

    Were we going to let something minor, like not being able to attain 22 knots, let us down? Heck no! We sailed knowing we couldn’t make the top speed. That didn’t stop us from enjoying our vacation to its fullest. We didn’t even notice… we didn’t have the time! We reached each port as expected and had loads of fun! The staff didn’t let us down either. They were super nice, attentive, and always looking forward to pleasing us. We made quite a few friends too. We enjoyed every minute of our stay and wished it would have been longer than 7 days!

    Right before we sailed, while we were still in land, there were reporters and TV station vans parked outside the terminal. They were waiting to hear from the passengers of the “affected” boat, and from the passengers going into the “affected” boat. We were one of the lucky couples to be interviewed, per se, by a reporter (Eddie Daniels), from the Tampa Tribune: You’ll find us about the middle of the article under “Shayne Jenkins and his wife…”

    Let’s face it, cruise ships, like planes and any other vehicle in this planet, break down. It’s a fact of life! They are mechanical entities and they’re in need of constant maintenance and repair. Should I know… my husband is retired Air Force and he was a crew chief, taking care of the beautiful F-15 fighters. Yes, they did break down too. Yes, they had to be maintained on a daily basis and before and after a flight. Yes, they flew even with minor (and sometimes not so minor) issues. Did we hear about them (or any other plane for that matter) in the news? No, only when a fighter or plane crashes we hear about it. Unfortunately that’s the only time the news will care about it: for the “drama effect”. Same thing happened here. It was unfortunate for Carnival so many things happened at about the same time with so many different ships. But because of what happened earlier, they WERE under the microscope and still are.

    So many people are saying: “Ooooh, I’ll never go on a Carnival cruise again.” Or, “After all the troubles they’ve had lately, who would want to be on Carnival?” Me, I’d say: “Bring it on again! I had a grand time both times I’ve been on a cruise, and I know if I was going on another one right now, I’d have an equally grand time too!”
    A cruise vacation -like any other vacation- is what you make of it. If you’re going to nitpick everything to death, you’ll certainly won’t have a good time. If instead you go to enjoy the time, enjoy the amenities and everything the ship has to offer, find new things to do, meet new people, and above all enjoy yourself, NOTHING will sour your vacation!

    Like you Deb, I say KUDOS TO CARNIVAL! They got my vote for my next cruise… as a matter of fact, I’m already looking! 🙂

    Bon Voyage Deb! I know you’ll enjoy your cruise when the time comes!! 🙂

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